Glitch Art Is The New Punk Rock

08.10.12 Marina Galperina

“The way that punk music was a reaction to the hyper-polished, commericial rock ‘n’ roll at the time, glitch art is also a reaction to the hyperrealism that is portrayed in contemporary media, these super high definition images, saturated beyond real resemblance to actual color.”

Here’s another nifty docu-short from PBS, following up on their GIF and 8Bit vids, priming you on the joys and uses of the genre.

Why glitch? It’s the thrill of breaking into a digital entity, breaking it from the inside…shoving your fingers into the clogs of the code, rerouting the innards and watching it erupt, crumble and bloom with beautiful “errors.” Or something like that. Right? Right? I feel like a damn giddy voyeur. Who wants to teach me? Breathe. Breathe. Oh my.

“But I did it on purpose though…”