Glory, Hallelujah! No One Was Shot, Stabbed, or Slashed in NYC Monday

11.28.12 Andy Cush

The NYPD reported that Monday, for the first time since anyone can remember, there were no reported shootings, stabbings, or slashings in all of New York City. Good news! And also a reminder of just how violent–and how big–this city can be. And after the July weekend in which seven people were separately murdered in one night, we’ll take it.

The NYPD used the opportunity, of course, to tout its own stop-and-frisk practice, which as we’ve said before, has done very little to curb shootings in the city, according to the department’s own numbers.

All that aside, a single day without any gun-related injuries at all would have been just too perfect, so a Bronx teenager decided to make things right by accidentally shooting himself in the leg.

(Photo: Zorin Denu/Flickr)