Go Cyclone, It’s Your 85th Birthday

07.03.12 Andy Cush

The Cyclone, Coney Island’s iconic wooden roller coaster, is 85 this year, having opened June 26, 1927. The first-ever flight from the West Coast to Hawaii was the same day. A few weeks later, Ty Cobb had his 4,000th career hit and Charles Lindbergh began a national tour to commemorate his solo trans-Atlantic flight, which he had completed earlier in the year. My point: this is a very old roller coaster!

I don’t particularly like roller coasters (especially old, rickety ones), but if you do, I hope you made it to Coney Island Saturday for the Cyclone’s 85th anniversary celebration, which featured 25-cent rides, the same price they were when the coaster opened (again, OLD). What could be more awesome than a birthday party for a roller coaster, am I right?