Going Home With FEMEN

09.22.10 Marina Galperina

How do the Ukrainian feminist group FEMEN live and eat? Who pays for their indecent exposure fines when they flash tits for politics? How do they answer accusations of sexual self-exploitation by other feminist groups? Read on to find out.

The topless rogues are in the news often, splashing in the public fountain for renter’s rights, defending parental rights of former porn actresses, protesting sexual tourism and getting arrested. The girls are under twenty, for the most part. With photos of their actions all over the net, they’ve been fired and can’t get jobs, they tell Ru-paper Kommersant. They do get threats from angry boyfriends of newly converted FEMEN sisters. They don’t mind: The $1000 the group scrapes together from donations (a German DJ here, a press agency there) covers cheap communal rent, bread crumbs and fines are enough.

They sip tea from jars. They’ve got no kettle (but a lot of make-up and hair-bleach, apparently… Priorities, ladies!). They’re starving, but they’re not worried about money. They’re not too bummed about their families disowning them either. Since they didn’t get married and pop a kid out by twenty, the girls are already “not normal” in their eyes.

How do they reconcile holding a “Not For Sale! Ukraine is not a bordello!” banner and advertising themselves with boobs? “Our traditional flower wreathes are our trademark as much as our tits,” they say. In Kiev, there are protests and political meetings every day. How do you stand out from the horde? Well, you use what you’ve got.

The blonde heroine talks of a revolution by 2017. The goal isn’t matriarchy, but close.

Source: Kommersant