Good Morning, West Nile Virus is Everywhere Again

08.13.12 Joshua Rivera

Every year, at about this time, there’s always a new story about West Nile Virus and how it’s everywhere.

This year, if you live in Brooklyn you’re free to freak out, as mosquitos carrying the disease have been captured in eight different locations. The virus has also shown up in Queens, and at least one person in Staten Island has come down with a severe case.

While it can be deadly, particularly towards the very young or very old, contracting West Nile Virus is rarely fatal. You should definitely be aware of the symptoms and treatment, as well as taking the necessary safety precautions–insect repellant, eliminating/reporting any standing water, and inspecting screens in windows and doors to make sure they are intact.

And if you forget all this next August, don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll read about it somewhere.

(Photo: Gamma Man/Flickr)