Gorgeous Gore or What to See at BAM's Zulawski Retrospective

02.28.12 Marina Galperina

You lucky, lucky bastards… BAMcinématek presents — Hysterical Excess: Discovering Andrzej Zulawski film retrospective. Fuck the fucking Oscars. Here’s what you do: Start with Possession, “a delirious exercise in exploitation, the avant-garde, and camp hysteria” featuring the craziest gorgeous girl in the history of dysfunctional relationships on film.

Possession: Infidelity, tension, bloody accidents with domestic appliances, an epic freak-out and cinematic torment that takes it just to the edge of the “horror” genre but not really. In other words, the perfect film to break-up after. Weirdness: 6. A good gateway Zulowski. Sorry for the flashbacks to follow.

On the Silver Globe: That’s a clip. The movie’s a bit of an ordeal. Astronauts get stranded on a Pagan planet. Orgies. Crucifixions. Violence. “A must-be-seen-to-be-believed mindfuck that plays like Tarkovsky’s Stalker by way of a Jodorowsky acid-trip spectacle.” Yes, BAM just said “mindfuck.” BAM also says “No drugs needed.” Not sure. Haven’t finished it. (It’s ok, neither has Zulowski.) But, it wouldn’t hurt. Or maybe it will really hurt. Weirdness: 7-8. Varies per dosage.

That Most Important Thing: Love: A struggling B-movie actress, pornographers, soft-core, Klaus Kinski (at his craziest), “a postmodern production of Richard III,” another jealous husband, complete insanity, some-what unintelligible. Weirdness: 9. Not “trippy” per se, but probably more for cinephiles. Did I mention the soft-core porn?