Gov. Mark Sanford Bored the Pants Off Stephen Colbert

06.24.09 Will Sherman


You wouldn’t believe it after hearing about his steamy extramarital Argentinean affair, but disappearing Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina has been described as an “incredibly boring” guy. Early last year, the Republican—who once said that President Clinton should resign over the Monica Lewinsky incident—sat down for an interview with Stephen Colbert who asked him about his alleged unexciting lifestyle.

Colbert: In 2005, TIME magazine named you one of the 5 most boring governors in America. Did that sting?

Sanford: I guess what you learn in politics is there are going to be some folks who don’t like us, some folks that love us and the real key is staying true to what we believe and what we promise to voters in the first place. And then you can live with that and sort of leave it alone with the other 49 percent because you aren’t going to please everyone.

Colbert: You are incredibly boring. You are a manila envelope glued to a beige wall. You’re walking, talking Ambien.

In truth, TIME actually didn’t call Sanford one of the “most boring governors,” they called him “one of the worst“!

Image via Gawker