Governor Cuomo Keeps Tabs on Snarky Reporters

04.16.12 Joseph Schulhoff

A leaked document from one of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s top aides shows that the governor’s office kept close tabs on a reporter who often criticized the governor. The 35-page report is a large collection of pieces written by reporter Elizabeth Benjamin of Capitol Tonight. Specifically un-Cuomo phrases and passages were highlighted and some full posts received a “GENERALLY SNARKY” label.

Some of the highlighted items include phrases like, “It shouldn’t come as any big surprise that the Cuomo administration is moving forward with its layoff plans,” and “Transparency in action.” One post was even labelled “Example of Poor Reporting/Inadequate fact-checking before distribution.”

Benjamin’s reporting, although critical of Cuomo, hardly begged to be documented so closely by Cuomo’s administration. One can only imagine the kind of close watch that other campaigns keep on not-so-friendly journalists.

(Photo: Pat Arnow, Flickr)