Graffiti Artist Festoons Brooklyn Parking Lot

09.13.11 Marina Galperina

Artist Steve Powers (formerly ESPO) is working on a “Love Letter” to Brooklyn on the giant, ugly banks of a giant, ugly parking lot for the giant, ugly Fulton Mall.

The decrepit old Macy’s garage on Hoyt Street is getting cheered up with some signature-Powers axioms and “community catchphrases” to the tune of “Born busy as a Brooklyn-bound B,” “I am made to leave, I am made to return…” and go buy some H&M and Shake Shack? Oh, it’s cheery alright. Yet… the way Powers’ blocked words scroll across the structure’s tiers reminds me of Jenny Holtzer’s projections, only those were a little better because they’re abstract and bitter. (Photo: Is this thing on??/flickr)