Graffiti Writer Takes to the Skies to #DefendTheArts Against Mitt Romney

09.23.12 Bucky Turco

Today, Los Angeles-based aerosol artist SABER launched an “aerial graffiti” campaign above New York City against presidential candidate Mitt Romney who pledged to eliminate government subsidies for the National Endowment for the Arts and other cultural programs should he be elected.

Dubbed #DefendtheArts, SABER hired five skywriting planes — a medium he has successfully used before — to create awareness and generate media attention about the Republican’s out-of-touch-edness. “This extreme conservative has no appreciation for the arts or American culture, despite the fact that creative people are the backbone of this country,” writes SABER. The high flying spectacle started a little before 1:30PM and lasted for about 15 minutes, spelling out dozens of words and phrases:

“Defend The Arts” and an American flag.

Occupy Wall Street gets a shout out.

“Graffiti” can be seen above the Brooklyn Bridge.

The words “Street Art” appear upside down over the iconic span.

“Writers” and “actors” amongst other trades were mentioned.

Robin Williams happend to be watching while the above words were being written.

SABER puts himself up as well, as he should. (Photos: ANIMALNewYork)

Our friends over at Frank151 interviewed SABER late last week in his LA studio about the campaign, which could be a multi-city operation should he raise enough money.