Green Project Nukes Kids, Upsets People, Gets Pulled

10.05.10 Marina Galperina


10:10 UK blew up a few un-Green school kids to bloody bits for a promo spot. People got all angry and the controversial ad has been removed from the site and apologized for, profusely. Come on now…

In the 10:10 film short, groups of students, office-folk and jocks are asked to take baby steps to go Green and cut emissions by 10%. When some express apathy, a red button is pushed and they go boom, blood, guts everywhere. Cue Radiohead. Effective? Yes. Too much? Probably. Good. So what?

Climate groups go “edgy” all the time (splattering polar bears anyone?), so why such uproar over 10:10? Why did 10:10 pull the clip off their site and apologized, repeatedly? Why the pussy we-had-nothing-to-do-this fret-fest from Sony? Because people don’t just get metaphors.

Albeit, it’s a bit flawed – Sure, “No Pressure,” but we all go boom because of a few climate change non-believers, right? But really, it’s not fascist and it’s not a hate crime threat against non-environmentalists. It’s funny. It started an effective dialogue. It’s a shame 10:10 felt forced to pull it off their site.