Greenwood Park Beer Garden Bans Kids So Teachers Can Drink In Peace

09.17.12 Andy Cush

Greenwood Park, a 13,000 square-foot Beer Garden just north of Greenwood Cemetery in South Slope, has been a haven for teachers since it opened in June. It’s also a favorite locale for neighborhood parents, who head to the garden to grab a few cold brews as their children frolic around the large complex. Now, Greenwood Park has banned children after 4 p.m. on weekdays, a move that was apparently brought on after teachers teachers complained that they’d rather not hang out with children after spending all day wrangling them. “They are surrounded by children all day,” said owner Diane Vasilakos. “They don’t want to also see them here.” One mother, Yuna Weiss, had a different perspective. “[The teachers] don’t want us to see them drink,” she said. “Some of them get very sloppy.”

Who needs that after-work beer more: the teachers who deal with children all day, or the parents who have to take them home?

(Image/Greenwood Park)