Greg Lamarche‘s New Work at Joshua Liner Gallery

10.04.12 Irina Dvalidze

Joshua Liner Gallery will be hosting  Greg Lamarche‘s new solo show “Timeless,” tonight. His latest is a series of hand cut paper assemblages, but unlike your childhood hot glue masterpieces, Lamarche’s work transforms typographic relics from the bygone days into graffitiesque graphic gems. But don’t let your 6-year-old self despair, Lamarche is ubiquitous graffiti vet SP One after all.

In most of  the pieces the letters appear completely reshaped creating textured abstract visuals that bare no resemblance to their original form. Lamarche draws on commercial history of typography in order to create a visual statements instead of sending a profound message. Letters never looked so fascinating, especially when there is no reading required.

The exhibit runs until October 27th.