Guillaume Herbaut Loves FEMEN, So He Posed Them Naked in the Snow

03.23.12 Marina Galperina

After winning the World Press Photo-2012 with his images of topless self-proclaimed Feminist protest crew FEMEN, renowned photographer and ANIMAL favorite Guillaume Herbaut goes back for more, only it’s colder now. Presenting… The New Amazons 2: Winter. These sort of anthemic photos of the gals are paired with interior portraits that reveal their personalities. The gothy one. The artistic apple nibbler. The melancholy kitchen lingerer. We kid. NSFW.

We have a love/hate/conflicted fondness thing going on with FEMEN (and we’ve been very distracted), but Herbaut’s clearly hooked on their cop-fighting, Vatican Mass-crashing, Paris Hilton attacking, Chernobyl hopping, raunchy, fountain bathing charisma.

Check out his newest series. Brrr.