Gun Hoof Shoemaker at Abnormals Gallery

08.20.10 Marina Galperina

Abnormals Gallery in Poznan/Poland (of recent NaziSexiMouse notoriety) gears up for their next eccentric assault with Iris Scheiferstein’s upcoming solo show. The taxidermist cobbler, corpse sculptor and pseudo-erotic photographer promises new work.

Some of her work is art & crafts a la Damien Hirst (meh), but her piece Vegas Girl is tottally Cremaster and striking enough to make Gaga’s shoemaker Noritaka Tatehana look like a K-mart sales rack stocker. So, here’s the question: Real animal parts, fake toy guns? Step it up, Iris.

Side note: The controversial swastika poster earlier from last month was actually for the Polish gallery’s group show, “Abnormal Nudes” and they have a video of bizarre sensualist anthropomorphisms.

Iris Schieferstein, Solo Show, Oct 09 – Dec 7, Abnormals Gallery, Poznan, Poland