H2No! It’s Rubberduckzilla!

05.11.09 Copyranter

Ad agency Mother London mocks Japanese culture in this new spot for Coca-Cola-owned Oasis fruit drink. It is scheduled to begin airing in the UK on May 18th, according to Brand Republic. Tagged with the line “for people who don’t like water,” the commercial opens with two co-eds from the fictional Omizu (sacred water) University erotically feeding each other Oasis (I foresee England’s puritanical ASA having a problem with that scene.). Two stern University officials reprimand the lasses, and rip up their Rubberduckzilla comic. Enter our monstrous
hero. Does the spot make me want drink Oasis? No, Does the spot make me want to search for Asian school girl porn? No comment. But, how does the spot rank with the weirdest commercials I’ve seen in my year here at ANIMAL? Previously, there was Japan’s cell phone-hawking Obama monkey, and the strangest light bulb spot you will ever see, via Thailand. You tell me.