Hack Yourself a MoMA Pass

02.01.11 Marina Galperina

Apparently, MoMA only gives out artist passes if you can prove you’ve had a show off-line. To hack these internet art discriminating practices, F.A.T. artist Aram Bartholl made this step-by-step guide to creating your own one year MoMA artist pass with a scanner and a bar-code generator so online artists can reward themselves.

With all respect to robust cultural institutions and all the mindgasms and souljobs I’ve experienced at MoMA, the Art World is all this and that, so it’s not surprising that artists rebel. Ethically, we know who our heroes and villains are. Streaking Marina Abamović (NSFW) and shooting seeds into Seeds is what hacking museums is all about. Aram Bartholl is just a little niftier than most about it.

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