Hacking Gawker Like Doing Graffiti Says Security Expert

12.13.10 Bucky Turco

This weekend, Gawker (Media) was pwned. A group called Gnosis took credit for hacking the company’s database and lifting all sorts of shit: A widely distributed text file contained internal chats between the site’s editors, 1.3 million commenter passwords, source code, and insults aimed at head honcho Nick Denton.

The hackers also managed to deface the flagship’s front page and hijack at least two Twitter accounts. Attempting to explain the motivation for such an attack, the CEO of a security research firm in Phoenix told the Associated Press that the epic hack was akin to graffiti. “It’s kind of a juvenile thing,” said Rich Mogull. “It’s like spray-painting.” Oh yeah, just like it. Gnosis may have just found its next target. ┌║┐(•_•)┌║┐