Happy Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!

05.20.10 Kari Ferrell

t1larg.pakistan.facebookIt seems that, this day and age, if you don’t have a social networking platform of some sort, you cease to exist. Your online friends are superior to those you know IRL, and people commonly use acronyms in exchange for phrases that indicate things that aren’t all that difficult to type out anyway.

Myspace is dead, and no one even remembers Friendster; but Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are still raging on, like Nick Nolte in a frat house. So, why have these websites stood up against the test of time, while many others are so quick to fade away? The design isn’t that much better, and the concept behind each is pretty consistent.

IMHO, it’s due to the fact that Facebook and YouTube incite hatred. Today Pakistan banned YouTube, just one day after blocking Facebook, in response to “growing sacrilegious content.”

Khoram Ali Mehran, of the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority, said that they forced the removal of Facebook one day before “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” (today!), which is orchestrated by a group of the same name, that currently has over 86,000 followers.

Molly Norris, the founder of the group is being featured on CNN this evening, and seems to be all gung-ho again, after she seemed to have lost her steam a few weeks ago.

The government, under the Lahore High Court, was outraged, and demanded that the two sites be taken down immediately. Representatives have been cited saying that “if the government decides to unblock it, then that is what we do,” but for now they are on an “indefinite” hiatus.

Where are young Pakistanis going to watch a cat play a theramin, or a baby walk around high on Morphine? Where are they going to seek out women who wear very little clothing, and are into “all kindz of musick?” What are they going to do without access to everything their government detests?

Whether you agree or disagree with the political message of the group, you can’t deny that pulling out the trusty Crayolas and banging out some old bag with a mighty beard is a lot more fun than, let’s say, not.