Hardkor Disko: Homicidal Nihilist Film Looks Beautiful

12.17.13 Marina Galperina

“If you had a choice, would you prefer to burn or freeze to death?”

So begins the new Polish trailer to Krzysztof Skonieczn’s film Hardkor Disko (Hardcore Disco). Then, some very cold-hued sequences of a sullen young man breaking people’s necks, walking through a field and throwing a molotov cocktail in gorgeous slow-motion because he’s a sullen young man from nowhere town who has come to the big city to wreak revenge on his oppressors. There’s a girl. Then, fast bohemian party time montage. Untz-untz, etc: 

HARDKOR DISKO is a story about impossible love, about desperate search for identity, about guilt, revenge and punishment, and also about how young people today get more and more disoriented in their hedonism, consumptionism, agression, self-destruction and over-sensitivity. It is an observation and a commentary to the present in which all the rules seem to be ignored and everything drift towards emptiness.

And Poland is still a cold, sullen place. Hardkor Disko opens March 14, 2014.