Have You Seen Steve Buscemi’s Meat In Times Square?

05.24.12 Marina Galperina

Every night, the ads in Times Square are replaced with a corpse Robert Downey Jr and his arm carved open, or topless, tasseled Dita von Teese swaying ever-so-slowly, or Steve Buscemi sickly smiling over a giant meat slab. You saw? Try harder. Art genius Robert Winlson’s video portraits appear between 11:57PM and 12:00AM.

One of Times Square Alliance’s more high brow installations ends at the end of the month, so catch your twitching anime Isabella Rossellini and Macaulay Culkin ’bout to box now. Where the avant garde and pop culture meet, it’s a combination of theatre, photography, video art, Baryshnikov, drag, and … meat. Arty: