Weeding Out Hemp Iced Tea

04.23.09 Will Sherman

hemp-c-iced-tea-drinkThere’s a new beverage on the market specifically targeting the dry-mouthed, bong hit smoking demographic, although they’d never admit that. Hemp-C Iced Tea claims to be “outrageously delicious” thanks to the “nutty taste and nutritional value” of hemp. Producers of the drink hope that “hemp enthusiasts,” code for weed smokers, will appreciate the packaging that’s plastered with cannabis leaves that also somehow represents their commitment to the country’s anti-drug Nazis according to head flack, Cole Brenner: “We wanted to design a can that would stand out on the shelves and attract the attention of not only health conscious hemp enthusiasts but those that are tea drinkers. All our cans were designed in mind to support our commitment to ‘Partnership for a Drug Free America’ and promote the beneficial attributes of eco-friendly hemp.”