Hennessy Youngman's Art: Barack Rescues Abu Ghraib Unicorn

03.01.12 Marina Galperina

You should know that ANIMAL favorite, the YouTube art critic Hennessy Youngman — of epic Damien Hirst take-down, of “relational aesthetics as herpes” and demystifying the essence (and “titties”) of performance art — is actually artist Jayson Musson. Here’s just one of his other things — the Barack Obama Battles the Pink Robots series, in case you haven’t seen it and need your Obama idealism ruffled up a bit. Connect the dots. Ahhh.

He’s just lost his New York exhibit virginity to Marilyn Minter at Maurizio Cattelan’s new gallery. Here’s his fresh profile in the New York Times, where he’s quoted about Art Thoughtz YouTube series being “a specific reaction to graduate school and the academic, fine-art world that I was exposed to at school” and “a place of anger,” but “the relationship between anger and laughter are very, very close.” Stay angry, Jayson.