Herculean Tool Joe Lieberman Was Only Bluffing About Voting with GOP on Health Care Reform. Maybe.

11.03.09 Cajun Boy

joe_lieberman-746022 Cock-faced, weasel-y Republican Muppet Joe Lieberman last week claimed that he was joining forces with the GOP to block any health care reform bill including a public option from being voted on in the Senate, but now sources close to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid say that Lieberman is basically just making noise so people will kiss his withered, pasty ass.

Reid might just be a fool for believing anything told to him by Lieberman in private, but being a fool is something that Harry Reid has shown an amazing deftness for in the past, so you never know:

Sources said Reid’s staff is telling liberal interest groups that Lieberman (Conn.) has assured Reid he will vote with Democrats in the necessary procedural vote to end debate, perhaps with intentions to change the bill.

“Lieberman keeps assuring Reid that he’s OK,” said one source. “But he’s one of those characters — you never know with Joe.

“Maybe he’s talking tough to get the public option watered down or he’s trying to get some stuff for himself on other topics or on other sections of the legislation,” the source added. “He’s basically trying to be a senator.”

Yes, let’s all go ahead and believe the man who has taken in more money in campaign contributions from the insurance/pharmaceutical industry than any other politician in America that he will vote against their interest when push comes to shove. Call me skeptic, but I think he’s full of shit.