Here Are Some Playboy Centerfolds by Famous Artists, You’re Welcome

12.19.12 Marina Galperina

Look what Playboy just sent us: the “The Playmate as Fine Art” spread from the January/February 2013 issue, freshly out on iPlayboy, featuring — HEY!!! STOP looking at Paz and read! — centerfolds as interpreted by a respectable crop of famous artists.

It is incredibly appropriate that Will Cotton, oh merry bringer of the pink cloud pin-up plague, is included in this with Cotton Candy Queen. “The model for this painting is Miss Ruby Valentine,” he says. “A burlesque dancer from New York.” But wait. Cindy Sherman? Tracy Emin? Yeah. They’re in it. Also, please see Jill Magid’s contribution With Full Consent in the slideshow preview above. This neon work was made especially for Playboy.

It’s a nice mix of artists. Don’t worry. There’s a very sexy Richard Prince photograph in there. We’re really happy with the mix of the expected provocative, the selection of female artists with full freedom to contribute whatever they wanted to project and Jill Magid’s contribution especially for brining to topic of consent into the context of the so-called “pornographic” genre of publication. She’s an interesting artist. One of her most recent projects is highly topical.

(All images courtesy: Playboy)