Here’s How The National Guard Refuels Its Relief Vehicles

11.09.12 Andy Cush

Cruising around the storm-ravaged Rockaways at around 10PM last night, ANIMAL spotted this National Guard vehicle parked at the Rockaway Commons shopping center on Beach 87th Street, along with a Humvee and several guardsmen.

The truck, which carries a payload of around 2,500 gallons of gasoline, is used to service the other National Guard vehicles that patrol the power-deprived peninsula. If that seems like a lot of gas, consider that the average Humvee squeaks by at just 8 miles per gallon.

Much of the National Guard’s equipment and vehicles are stationed just across the water from the Rockaways at Floyd Bennett Field, a sprawling, fully-powered former airfield that stands at a stark contrast to the darkened peninsula.

(Photo: Aymann Ismail/ANIMALNewYork)