Here’s the Perfect Competition for Fashion Photogs With a Background In Self Defense

04.01.10 Marina Galperina

NAOMI Naomi Campbell, currently “modernizing” Russia by joining the Russia United majority party and surely gladdening her oligarch boyfriend Vladislav Doronin, is also launching a fashion photography competition. The winners – one photographer and one model – will take part in a Glamour magazine photo shoot with Naomi. The competition closes April 4th, so the interested should submit portfolios and check their flying cell phone dodging skills.

Finalists of the international Talenthouse search will be determined by how much of their virtual entourage the competitors can get to vote on their portfolios.

Then, Naomi will pluck the two winners out of obscurity and leave them with a tale to tell the grand kids/Twitter followers, provided they survive.

Naomi has this to say:

The Talenthouse search has been so much fun for me to be a part of and we have received so many fantastic entries – I’m very excited to start the selection process in conjunction with Glamour to finding our lucky winner! Finding new talent within my industry is something very close to my heart, so I urge people to get involved before April 4th and wish everyone Good Luck!!

Good luck indeed.