Here’s What 2.5 Years of a Computer’s Life Looks Like

12.12.12 Andy Cush

For two and a half years, artist Marcin Ignac tracked every single move he made on his personal computer, using software to precisely log each app use, keystroke, and mouse click. Then, he created Every Day of My Lifea series of beautiful, Tron-evoking visualizations that map the data as a series of colored lines.

In the first of the piece below (closeup above), each horizontal line represents a single day, and each color stands for whichever app Ignac had foregrounded at the time. I’m guessing that black chasm represents the middle of the night, when Ignac’s computer was likely turned off. The second maps keystrokes, and the third logs mouse clicks.

(Images: Marcin Ignac/Flickr)