Here’s What’s Now Known About Andrew Joseph Stack, the Austin Kamikaze

02.18.10 Cajun Boy


As you may have heard, earlier today a man in Austin, Texas now known to be Andrew Joseph Stack set his house on fire and then crashed a plane into an office tower housing federal agencies. As is often the case in the internet age, details about Stack are coming quickly to light. Here’s what’s known about him so far.

-Stack appeared to be pushed over the proverbial edge by an IRS audit. He posted what reads as a 6 page suicide note on the web earlier today.

-It was reported earlier that Stack stole the plane that he piloted into the office tower, but CNN is now reporting that he owned the plane.

-Local news stations in Austin say that only two people inside the building were injured in the crash. One man has second degree burns over 25% of his body, and a woman is being treated for smoke inhalation. Pretty remarkable based on the images from the scene, which look much worse.

-Stack’s wife and daughter were inside his house when he ignited it, but they were pulled out alive. His house pre-fire is pictured here.

-Stack had a blog that was reportedly filled with angry rants, but its server host says that FBI has taken it over. Here’s what the site now says: “This website has been taken offline due to the sensitive nature of the events that transpired in Texas this morning and in compliance with a request from the FBI.”

-Business Insider was able to pull Stack’s resume and some other stuff from the site before it was pulled down.

-Conspiracy theorists are already saying that the whole thing was staged. Here’s a Facebook page someone created so they can all share their nutty theories. There’s also a Joe Stack fan page on Facebook.

We’ll update this post as more info becomes available.