Here’s Why Your L Train Isn’t Running

11.06.12 Andy Cush

Earlier today, we mentioned that Brooklynites were upset about the continued outages of two subway lines: the G, which has been completely shut down since the storm, and the L, which is only running between the Bed-Stuy/East New York border and Canarsie. In case you’re worried that the MTA is keeping the trains shut down out of laziness, here’s this picture of work being done on the L train’s flooded East River tunnel, released by the transit authority today. “After the tunnel is pumped dry of water, work will begin to inspect tracks, signals, switches, electrical components, and third rail,” writes the MTA on Flickr. “If any repairs are needed, employees will make them as quickly as possible to get service restored.”

Here’s the most updated Subway map, including the outages on the G and L.

(Photo: MTAPhotos/Flickr)