Hero Cop Gives Barefoot Homeless Man Some Boots

11.29.12 Andy Cush

We know the NYPD catches a lot of flak around these parts, but they’re not all bad! Case in point: Officer Lawrence DePrimo, who bought a pair of boots for a barefoot homeless man he saw while patrolling in Times Square earlier this month. “It was freezing out and you could see the blisters on the man’s feet,” said DePrimo, who usually works in the West Village. “I had two pairs of socks and I was still cold.” After talking to the man for a while, DePrimo found out his shoe size and went inside a local Sketchers store. When he returned, he had a brand-new, size-12 pair of boots (DePrimo also received some help from the store’s manager, who gave him the employee discount on the shoes).

The above photo of the scene, taken by Arizona tourist Jennifer Foster, was posted online Tuesday and has since gone viral, garnering thousands of views on Facebook and Reddit.

DePrimo never got the homeless man’s name, but said “he was the most polite gentleman I had met.” The policeman said he tried to offer him a cup of coffee, but “as soon as the boots were on him, he went on his way, and I just went back to my post.”

(Photo: Jennifer Foster)