Hey, So Where Would All These New Skyscrapers Fit?

07.13.12 Joshua Rivera

Midtown just got one step closer to its long-rumored redevelopment. At yesterdays Community Board 5 meeting, the definitive plans for the rezoning of East Midtown were officially unveiled, covering a region that includes the area surrounding Grand Central Terminal and up Park Avenue to 57th Street–an area that spans 74 blocks, The Observier reports. The rezoning allows for grandiose plans such as the construction of new skyscrapers roughly the size of the Empire State Building.

There are all manner of hurdles, of course. Developers would have to purchase air rights, the Landmarks Preservation Commission is naturally expressing concern regarding potential threats to historic preservation, and the city is including what’s known as a sunrise provision into the zoning plan–barring any buildings from being constructed until five years from now. But this seems to be well on its way to becoming a reality, and in 2017 you might want to start wearing a hard hat to work.

(Photo: Adrien Nier/Flickr)