Hot Shot Conservative Painter Says He's Not Racist, Makes Awkward Rap Analogy

04.03.12 Marina Galperina

Painter Jon McNaughton of Provo, Utah is very popular. Glenn Beck praised him on Fox News. Sean Hannity who purchased this painting for an undisclosed sum. He’s expecting $300,000 a pop now, which is what an Andy Warhol print riddled with two gunshots à la Dennis Hopper sold for at Sotheby’s. Is there anything blatantly racist about his paintings? Nah, see, in the crowd around Jesus in his One Nation Under God, there are some black people in the back, like Harriet Tubman and a “Black Union Soldier,” yet, the painter is constantly defending himself against accusations of racism on his blog because unlike the accusers, he doesn’t look at the world “through the prism of race.” He says, “You hear it so much, it’s like wow, whatever. I can’t help the fact President Obama is partly African American,” defending One Nation Under Socialism. “He’s fanning the flames… It’s a very dark painting.”

Here’s what he just said to Buzzfeed:

I don’t expect to get a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts or be in a museum, at least in my lifetime… It’s like having those experts in jazz criticize country music. One type of art trying to tell everyone else what real art is.

Interesting analogy. Here’s what he wrote on his blog after a radio interview “with the left:”

I was surprised to find out later that after our interview they continued for another 15 minutes as two “art critics” took the mike and offered their professional evaluation of my work. It made me think of how absurd it would be to have a couple of rap singers critique a country music singer for their music and content.

If you’re curious about these “rap singers” of Art Criticism — a scholar on Mormonism American and Cultural History Benjamin Park and Utah artist Adam Bateman — listen here, around 30:00.

He didn’t go so far as to declare country music’s supremacy over rap and jazz, but, it’s just different, ok?