How Many Dumb Palin Fans Shopping for Her Dumb Book Will Be Dumb Enough to Buy the Fake One?

10.21.09 Cajun Boy

sarah palin going rogue

Ha! This may be the greatest thing in the history of the world, ever: The Nation is releasing a book of essays slamming Sarah Palin for being the rollicking jalopy of folksy horseshit that she is titled, Going Rouge, An American Nightmare, on the same day that Palin’s autobiography titled, Going Rogue, An American Life, hits the bookstores. The two covers are strikingly similar, featuring similar fonts and photographs, with the biggest differences between the two being that The Nation‘s book has dark storm clouds on it’s cover and won’t be filled with indecipherable gibberish capable of making a sane person want to stab themselves in the eye repeatedly with a rusty spoon. This is so amazing that I sincerely want to perform unspeakable acts of freakery upon Nation editor Katrina vanden Heuvel, just to show my appreciation. |Newser|