How to Draw a Bunny With Found Lightning Photos

04.24.12 Marina Galperina

Artist Cassandra C. Jones’ technique involves poaching the large bevy of anonymous lightning photos from the Internet — as well as a few electrical discharge snaps of her own — and arranging them just so the shape of the lightning “draws” a silhouette. A rabbit. A dog. A dog dog dog. A throbbing, splitting circle is spindling bolts.

These large-scale injet “drawings” might have more than a tinge of kitsch, but there’s a cyber-spiritualism to them. The tactile conjuring of the image, with its expressive lines and frozen action — it gives animated life to the storms, a personality, even if it is a fluffy familiar. “Pictures Taken #Drawings,” Cassandra C. Jones, Now – May 19, Eli Ridgwig Gallery, San Francisco