How to Give Interviews When You’re Wanted by Russian Cops

08.02.11 Marina Galperina

THIEFInternationally wanted Voina artist Oleg “Theif” Vorotnikov knows how… Watch his YouTube’ed response to serious Russian television network with a belly full of pomp, a blonde wig and some pointed words for the authorities.

He had this to say:

Why do people think I’m not in Russia? I’m a Russian person and my place is here. Due to the dishonorable actions of the dogs from Center E, they are not in Russia and for three months they’ve been looking for me over there… and ca-a-an’t find me!

Then he bleats out the national anthem.

A reminder: Center E are Russia’s “anti-extremism” operatives that have been violently hounding the group since their first capture. Following the false reports of his arrest, Voina’s Yana Sarno previously told ANIMAL Oleg is safely in hiding with young Kasper.

Alexei Plutser-Sarno comments:

It’s an extraordinary situation — to issue an international alert for a person, who isn’t accused of any grave crime. Moreover we all know that all the charges against him are groundless.

Yana tells ANIMAL that Oleg’s wife and Kasper mommy Natalia “Kozlenok” Sokol is currently under investigation for allegedly sprinkling of police officers with urine during the March 31st civil rights protest rally. “The case was filed under article 319 of the Criminal Code – ‘insulting an authority figure,'” Yana says, “which carries a penalty of up to 12 months of corrective labor.”

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