How to Potentially Start a Riot at the Shake Shack

07.18.11 Bucky Turco

For reasons we’ll never be able to comprehend, people willingly stand on obnoxiously long lines everyday to eat at the original Shake Shack, a popular hamburger joint in Manhattan’s Madison Square Park.

This prompted the lady bloggers at TheGloss, to conduct a “social experiment,” whereby they deployed their editor-in-chief to wait in line and when she got close to the front, ask awaiting customers in the back if they’d be willing to pay more, despite the already pricey menu, to place their orders with her.

As you can imagine, several customers happily took them up on the offer, which is funny and all, but could lead to fast food-induced violence. So unless you have fancy hats and an innocent looking editorial staff, do not attempt this at home.