Hurricane Sandy’s Attack on NYC Forces Closure of the Intrepid

11.08.12 Bucky Turco

“Due to damages to our Welcome Center from Hurricane Sandy, the Museum will be temporarily closed,” reads a notice on the Intrepid’s website. The decommissioned aircraft carrier which sustained a kamikaze attack when it was operating in the the Pacific during World War II, was shuttered because of the super-storm’s surging water according to a statement by the museum, but the ship itself is fine:

The rise in the Hudson River due to Hurricane Sandy caused flooding and damage to our Welcome Center and Intrepid’s power sources. While the pier was designed to withstand the 100-year flood, the unprecedented levels of water flooded the entire pier including the main electrical transformers and our backup generators. As a result, loss of all power caused the Space Shuttle Pavilion to deflate. The space shuttle Enterprise sustained only minor damage. The Intrepid, Growler, Concorde and balance of our aircraft collection were not damaged.

Days after the storm hit, the roof of the Space Shuttle Pavilion was partially covering the space shuttle, but has since been blown away or removed, leaving the prototype orbiter — which sustained some minor damage to its vertical stabilizer — very naked and exposed to the elements on the flight deck of the historic vessel. A spokesperson for the museum said they’re not sure how long it will take to repair the Space Shuttle Pavilion and the rest of its innards and therefore can’t give a hard date on when the museum will reopen. (Photo: Aymann Ismail/ANIMALNewYork)