I Should Have Shot That: Ellen Stagg’s Naked Girls of Ghostbusters

07.09.12 Marina Galperina

ANIMAL’s original series asks photographers about that one shot that got away. This week, Ellen Stagg talks about an auto encounter in LA and her fantasy photo shoot.

I think it was last October, I was driving to a meeting in LA and I got into this one lane on Sunset, and all of a sudden, the next thing I know, I’m trapped behind this car… The car that I was trapped behind was the Ghostbustermobile and it was just parked there in front of a movie theater. I was excited that I was like, “Oh my god, it’s the Ghostbustermobile from the movie! I should go out and take a picture of it for my Tumblr!”

And I’m sitting in the driver’s side, trapped behind this car, thinking “I don’t have time to get out and take a picture because I’m already late for this meeting.” I pulled my camera out of my purse and took a quick picture of it and got back in the lane and drove off. There’re parts of me that regret it, thinking “I should’ve just stopped and gotten out and taken better pictures of it ’cause I will probably never see it again.” And it was so surreal…

I was so excited because it was so random because it was in the middle of like Sunset and Hollywood. The pictures I did take were  through my windshield and it’s just the butt-end of the Ghostbustermobile. And of course, if I had access to something like that it’d be even funnier if I took pictures of like “Naked Girls of Ghostbusters” or something, y’know, but that wouldn’t even be possible in public on Sunset in the middle of the day, y’know? If I had my dream happen, that’s how far I’d love to go.

I would probably take the Ghostbustermobile back to NY, find an old firehouse, and then take pictures of naked girls with the only thing they’re wearing is probably shoes and proton packs and like I would just go off on a whole Ghostbusters-themed nerdy naked shoot, y’know?

Honestly, I’ve never really regretted not seeing stuff because I’m not so much a documentary photographer – I’m more set-up. So like everything I set up, do I regret not shooting something during a shoot? I’m like, no, I pretty much got what I wanted out of it. But this would have been really cool.

Ellen Stagg is a New York-based photographer. You can find some of her naughtier work at Stagg Street and her everyday at Going Stagg. I Should Have Shot That! series is illustrated by James Noel Smith.

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