Ice-T’s Dog Allegedly Terrorizing Passenger With Flatulence

06.01.11 Bucky Turco

While on a Virgin Airlines flight earlier today from New York City to Los Angeles, a tipster sent in the following hilarious account concerning rapper-actor Ice-T, his wife Coco, and their gassy dog Spartacus, accompanied by equally amusing photos. Raise the terror threat level at once:

Sitting on a plane in front of Ice-T and Coco and their British bulldog which was brought onto the plane wearing a service dog vest. I did not realize that Coco was blind. Anyhow, Ice and Coco were blissfully fast asleep as the dog, which is under my seat, was continually farting, and not just ordinary farts. It is absolutely disgusting. At first I thought it was Ice, but I am pretty certain that it’s the dog.

For any of your doubters, Spartacus confirmed his attendance on the flight via Twitter: