Idiocy, A**holery and a Tsk-Tsk to Jon Stewart: New Jennifer Dalton Art

09.07.11 Marina Galperina

Artist Jennifer Dalton asks her favorite on-air journalists “Bill, Brian, Charlie, Jon, Leonard, Rachel, Stephen, and Terry” why their interviewees are only 17.5% to 34% women — just check these visuals. Yeah, what gives? Dalton’s newest body of work also includes detailed schematics of “Idiocy and Assholery in Modern Political Scandals” and temporary tattoo machines for cowards.

Don’t mess of Dalton. Last year at Hyperallergic’s “The Social Graph,” I saw her gigantic graphic statistically quantifying Jerry Saltz’s Facebook updates by categories like “old dead artists” and Bush-related rants. She’s very, very thorough. See the new work at “Cool Guys Like You,” Jennifer Dalton, Sep 9 – Oct 15, Winkleman Gallery, NYC