If You Let Friends Drink And Drive, You Might As Well Blow Their Brains Out

07.06.10 Copyranter


No, really. As they start their car, Take your gun and shoot a pregnant woman and her drinking and driving husband right the fuck in the head.

Well that was a surprise ending, wasn’t it! The responsible agency is Advantage Advertising in Jakarta, Indonesia, and the spot was produced on behalf of Qtv. Questions: Why is the murderous friend fucking smiling after killing the couple? Oh wait, he’s drunk, too! Maybe he was sleeping with his best friend’s wife? Why didn’t he just invite them to stay over at his fucking mansion? I know it’s a heady (snicker) metaphor, much like with this MADD spot with teens bashing themselves in the head with bottles. It just doesn’t work, sorry. |Video via: AOTW|