iGreen’s “Ayatollah Deitch”

12.17.10 Marina Galperina

The artist group iGreen – “Artists in solidarity with People of Iran” – sent Jeffrey Deitch a letter earlier this week “strongly condemning” the whitewashing of Blu’s mural, adding that “Such blatant censorship is unconscionable.” The latest: this eye-catching piece in Los Angeles of the Supreme {ARTS} Leader, dubbed by iGreen as “Ayatollah Deitch.” Granted, buffing the mural isn’t the same as issuing a fatwā, but censorship is censorship and that’s quite the call-out.

In their letter to Deitch, iGreen stated:

We cannot stand by and watch MOCA bow to the demands of bigots who have attacked the exhibition out of ignorance, hatred and fear.

Important note: There were no “bigots.” There were “zero complaints” according to Deitch and, unlike the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery, MoCA was under no pressure to censor the mural. Deitch’s puss out was preemptive.