Illuminati Collectibles

10.05.12 Irina Dvalidze

Whether you attribute the recent popularity surge of the Illuminati to opportunistic hip hop artists or architectural evidence around the city, people seem to me more fascinated with the fact that it’s secret and less with WTF it actually is.

At least, that’s what Freemason and retired cabinetmaker Dave Lettelier believes. The curator of the Phoenixmasonry Masonic Museum says, “All the conspiracy theories that we’re out to control the world are a bunch of hogwash.” Lettelier certainly has a point. Were the Freemasons, a group most frequently associated with the Illuminati just fratboys of the old who were a little too into secret clubs and handshakes, instead of beer-pong and weed?

According to the recent research piece by Collector’s Weekly many of the items associated with the society were mass produced. Phoenixmasonry Masonic Museum now provides an extensive catalog of these supposed Illuminati artifacts and you can dissect  them yourself, courtesy of the museum. You can even learn how to join the elitist stratosphere that founded this country by looking at the above tapestry which provides a detailed guide.

The more you think it about the less factual the myth appears, but we certainly don’t mind the things that it inspires.

Most Masonic Lodges today have a hard time repairing the roof of their Lodge or the air-conditioning system. This thing about world domination, it’s so hokey. As Masons, we just laugh at that.