Indie Magazine Publisher Catches the ‘Vapors’

05.29.09 Will Sherman

shawncoverAfter “about a five month sabbatical from doing a magazine because we were just like whateves,” Vapors is back. Ceding the internet’s dominancy over magazines in delivering timely relevant news, and facing industry collapse, the skater, streetwear, music publication is relaunching in hopes of becoming the print equivalent of a vinyl record: coveted, collected, and back in style. After the jump, publisher David Ireland describes the change he ominously dubs the “final chapter in magazine history.”

As you peruse this new and improved Vapes, you will notice significant changes; gone are all the reviews, product plugs and short form edit that is now ruled by the blogosphere. We have decided to focus on the long-form article, give enough room for beautiful imagery and photographs and dive more deeply into the subject matter than ever before. Most importantly, the content will no longer have a shelf life; this will always be good reading whether you pick it up on the newsstand or dust it off two years later.

The new Vapors is for the remaining connoisseurs of culture and print, those who love to hold a magazine and feel the paper pass between their fingers. I never thought I would ever be comparing magazines to vinyl records, but that’s the best analogy that I can think of. So welcome to the Magazine Appreciation Society, we are very happy to have you on board for this final chapter in magazine history.