Internet Dogs Are the New Internet Cats With SSION for MTV ArtBreaks

12.12.12 Marina Galperina

“I wanted to fuck with them,” Cody Critcheloe of SSION said at the MTV Studios press screening of ArtBreaks with Creative Time. He was talking specifically about the 20-somethings who watch Jersey Shore, who would stumble on his 30 second art vid on TV and go, THE FUCK?

It’s all dogs, psychedelic pulsating puppies and puppies and puppies, bursting neon, internet imagery, collage madness. It’s the last of the five videos in the new ArtBreaks’ wave two, along with the other notable: Semâ Bekirovic’s video of a knife chucked out of an airplane and plummeting from the sky. Back in the ’80s, your broadcast was interrupted by mini-art-viddies made by Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and the like. Now… it’s flying knives and dogs.

“I make music videos, so I thought this would be easy,” Cody told the audience. “It was.”

If you’ve ever seen a full-on SSION production or, at least, the cult favorite music video for “Earthquake,” then the visual flavor of Kentucky and New York-based artist should taste familiar. This is all before #seapunkgate, by the way. Post-#seapunkgate, the shameless and self-aware “very internet” imagery in “Sometimes I Think About You Every Day”  is somehow funnier. So many dogs…

Incidentally, there’s also an actual full length video for the song “PSY-CHIC” that I’ve been terrorizing the ANIMAL HQ every day with for months. Enjoy.