Introducing New York’s Shittiest Landlords

07.10.12 Andy Cush

New York City Public Advocate Bill de Blasio has updated his Worst Landlords Watch List, calling out 330 City landlords on their dubious practices. De Blasio hopes the list will empower the public and embarrass the terrible landlords into changing their ways. “No one likes to have their friends and their family and people they do business with see them in the papers and on TV and on radio as having done the wrong thing,” he told WNYC.

Bronx landlord Eli Abbot, owner of College Management, tops the list with a grand total of 724 violations. “We’re dealing with rats, there’s water leaks all over the place, it’s always filthy,” Angel Caballero, a resident of one of Abbot’s buildings, told CBS Local. “We’re living like animals.”

Resident Minarda Pimental had similar complaints. “It’s very bad,” she said. “I have chronic asthma, and the dust (from peeling paint) makes it worse, and the rats and the cockroaches make it worse, too.”

In the name of getting the worst offenders’ out in front of as many eyeballs as possible, here’s a few others particularly bad ones: Maristanc Corp. in Brooklyn, 1071 Home Corp. in Manhattan and the Bronx, Kelly St. Restoration LP in the Bronx, Romad Realty Inc. in the Bronx, and Allen Affordable HDFC in Queens.

If you’re looking at renting from one of these shady folks, run away fast! And if you’re already living in one of these hellholes, I offer my deepest condolences. Hopefully, de Blasio’s list will get some of the landlords to clean up their act.

(Photo: zachvs/Flickr)