IRL: Your Latest Little Girl
Wilding Out in NYC Flick

10.16.12 Marina Galperina

Here’s the newest addition to the “seedy fictional underbelly” of New York’s celluloid body. If you can get past the croaking “it’s like the city itself can eat you alive” line, you will rewarded with pretty slobbering girls and dance music someone from Salem made. She doesn’t remember what happened last night! Invest, emotionally!

IRL is about bad party vibes. Really bad party vibes. Its character crew ranges in age and cred, from Genesis P-Orridge (OMG!) to someone who photographed Girls, and stars this slinky transfixing Sky Ferreira person post-Rooney-Mara-Level makeover, getting lost in New York where everyone chews bubble gum, carries firearms, enjoys post-witch house techno and rides bad party vibes like a champ until they’re vomiting in a bodega, I think.

Wait, GO! but cool, right? Like Clip but less Serbian, Reindeer Hopping but less Finnish, and also like King Kelly?

All that said, Genesis P-Orridge looks pretty awesome, so yeah, the fuck not, let’s go, let’s see this thing too. Unless you’re not quite ready for the moral of the story… Ready?

Don’t do so many drugs.