Is Banksy Becoming More Like Mr. Brainwash?

04.13.10 Bucky Turco


Last night was the Los Angeles premiere of Banksy’s documentary and to help feed the hype machine, the theater was littered with what looked more like a bunch of paint-slapped props than it did an art installation. From the ski-masked ushers to silly actors in cop uniforms and Brainwash-looking vehicles, the ultra wealthy street artist definitely created an apt circus atmosphere. As Banky noted in his recent interview with LA Weekly, it’s hard to be artsy in “conservative institutions” like theaters:

Normally I like to take over a run-down warehouse and do something on my own terms, but the plan for the American premiere is to surprise everyone by not doing anything very surprising.

At least he kept his word. Then again, it is LA! See more of the tomfoolery over here: |Arrested Motion|