It Will Take Weeks to Cleanup After the New York Giants

02.06.12 Bucky Turco

Tomorrow, the city is throwing a big parade for the Giants that is comprised of people littering Lower Manhattan with colorful paper strips, since no one uses ticker-tape anymore.

It will be overseen by a guy named Jim Timpone, who will be responsible for delivering the ton or so of confetti to the participating buildings.

He will also staff the area with over a hundred “sanitation and safety workers,” the day of the event, although he says it will ultimately take a few weeks to completely cleanup all of the paper since it tends to accumulate in places that only the wind can help dislodge.

While they wait for it to drop, perhaps they can take the readily available refuse and truck it to a landfill in New Jersey so that state’s governor can get some of the recognition he’s so desperate for.